Collaboration between La Palma Psychology and UNIR: Training the future generations of psychologists

At La Palma Psicología, we have always considered the constant renewal and commitment to the training and development of future professionals in the field of psychology to be essential. In line with this approach and our vision for the future, we are proud to announce that, in July, Darío García Rodríguez, Director and Psychologist at La Palma Psicología, formalized a collaboration agreement with The International University of La Rioja (UNIR).

Commitment to Practical Learning

Academia provides the indispensable theoretical foundation for any professional. However, in disciplines such as psychology, experience, human contact, and practice are fundamental to consolidate a comprehensive education. Therefore, this agreement’s main focus is to ensure that students of the Degree in Psychology and the University Master’s Degree in Psychological Intervention with Children and Adolescents at UNIR receive top-level practical training.

Support from Specialists

Under this agreement, students will benefit from the monitoring and tutoring by the specialists at La Palma Psicología. Our team, comprised of professionals with extensive experience and training in various areas of psychology, will be dedicated to providing quality mentorship, helping students navigate their external academic practice process with the necessary tools and support.

What Does This Agreement Mean for the Students and for Us?

  • Holistic Training: The combination of theory and practice ensures robust training adapted to the current demands of the professional field.
  • Connection to the Working Reality: Students will have a first-hand approach to the working world, closely understanding the challenges and opportunities of the profession.
  • Renewal and Mutual Learning: For La Palma Psicología, this alliance also means enrichment, allowing us to be in contact with the new generations of professionals and their concerns.


This step reinforces La Palma Psicología’s commitment to education and to the formation of future professionals who are complete, ethical, and competent. We are excited to think of all the fruits that this alliance with UNIR will bring in the coming years and how, together, we will contribute to the evolution and strengthening of psychology. Forward!

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